The_Bastards_BladeWhat makes a good romance? Dashing heroes, beautiful heroines, exciting plot twists? Yes, but it takes more. It takes characters who you get to know deeply, who change and grow over the course of the novel and become better people. This novel delivers all of that and more.

The author paints a tapestry with words, that bring to life a time gone by in vibrant colors, tastes, scents and flavors. The hero and heroine are typical, a widowed lady fair and a bastard commoner with a nefarious intent. Fate and lust may bring them together, but love develops and takes over the course of their life. Of course, their pathways in life may also be influenced by a cast of characters who help fate along a bit or perhaps its magic spells and incantations that sway their journeys.

No matter what the cause, they take a more than circuitous route to find true happiness, hindered by a black-hearted menace who means to steal her wealth and power and a half-hearted fool who tries to trick his way into a life of ease. There’s bloodshed, murder, intrigue and secret passages that wind their way into an obligatory HEA. That’s the way romances are supposed to end. I highly recommend this as a well-written, delightful romance with everything you’d ever ask for.

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