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House of Donato Box Set

Three couples. College friends. A hockey empire.

Meet the crew at The House of Donato. These couple’s lives revolve around the comings and goings of college friends attending school at the University of Northern Michigan in Marquette, Michigan. Unknown to them, a mastermind was, at the same time, building a financial empire built on the back of college sports programs in the United States, beginning with the hockey programs. Performance enhancers, drugs, sex: you name a vice; a player could get it from the conspiracy that runs hockey, right now, at the college level, but who knows where it could lead.

Follow these couples as they experience kidnapping, tragedy and more. Also, yes, each heroine: Henrietta, Isabella, and Margaret, otherwise known as Etta, Izzy, and Peggy, all find romance in the least expected places.

Is anyone ever completely free of their past? Tom and Etta have a problem. They’ve kissed passionately but don’t remember it.

A funny, handsome blue-eyed hockey player with a troubled life can’t read. A beautiful tutor saves the day, but she is off limits.

What holds a relationship together during bad times? A pianist at Julliard and an FBI agent find out the hard way.

Download this box set to enjoy these sensitive, enticing “just-right-amount-of-heat” romances today!

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