I am a reluctant blogger. I appreciate that some people blog on topics of interest to me: the art of writing, the mechanics of writing, music, movies, crochet projects, DIY projects … the list goes on and on. The subject matter of blogs is vast and varied and could keep a person up nights trying to keep up with what people have to say about the myriad of things that interest them. Part of me laughs at this aspect of the internet. I’m not sure blogging was a considered side-effect when in the 60s someone had the forethought to come up with the concepts behind the big-ole world-wide-web.

I’ve read a bit about Tesla and the crazy life he led. He had visions and by that, I mean serious vivid images in his mind of the future. He had the kind of insights they lock people up for in white rooms with padded walls. He had a vision of the future and the age in which we live that is astounding accurate now when you look at his words in retrospect. He saw a world filled with electricity where waves could bounce off of objects and, in his day, and he was authentically considered a lunatic by many. If you’re ever in need of something interesting from a history perspective, the fight between Tesla and JPMorgan is one that couldn’t be contrived by a fiction writer. It’s a seriously good read, no matter whose interpretation you get.

So for me to blog, well, I thought, what do I have to say? I’m not an expert on any subject. My value doesn’t lie in telling how to do anything. No one topic interests me that much, but I find life very, very interesting. The struggles, the pain, the daily ebb and flow or perhaps the daily grind: these things interest me. I thought, well, I could write about life. It’s something we all deal with, the highs, the lows, the melodramas, the boredom. That’s what I’m hoping to capture in my blog, but not the whole of life. Good God, nobody could do that. It’s just too big a subject, so I’ve named it “A Byte of Life” because it needs to be just a portion.

Hopefully, my blog posts will always be a little morsel, a bite (yes, with the technical pun included) of what is going on in my life, the life of people I know, of people I see, of the world of people with whom we share this planet. We’re all going through this life together, and we share experiences and moments. My blog is my small pieces of life endeavoring to share the chunk, maybe to taste it and spit it out or to savor it and realize that we’re not all that different one from another. We’re all living these big, huge, YOLO lives, and it’s the little “bytes” that matter. They make up the whole and by sharing these blogs with you, in a way, I’m sharing my life, if you’ll pardon the intentional cyber-pun again, just a “bit”.

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