This one is hard for me because I haven’t known that many people in my life who have done this. Perhaps I’ve just attached myself to a grade of people in life who have a heightened sense of morality or sense of fair play. The few people I have known who fall into this category weren’t in my life for long. There’s a reason for that. Hopefully, this won’t come as too great of a shock to them, but I have a rather low opinion of them as a human being. Let me explain my reasoning for that opinion.

If you choose in this life to attach yourself to another human being in a meaningful way, such as a life partner, spouse or significant other, you are making a choice. It’s a conscious choice that you have made to bond your life with that person’s life for some purpose. Perhaps it’s some overwhelming sense of passion, desire or maybe even guilt. Hopefully, it’s love. In the cases of people I’ve known who have cheated, it has always been the case that they were together, primarily, to raise children. No matter the circumstance, it’s a daily choice and one you can back out at any time, however, by doing so, it is a permanent choice. For most relationships in this life, you can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too. It’s like being a little bit pregnant …. it’s just not possible.

If you’ve made a choice to be with someone, it is my humble opinion that you should also choose to be honest with that person at all times or there isn’t any point to the relationship. If you feel the yearnings, passion, or whatever for another, then it should be possible to confront those feelings and discuss them with your life partner, spouse, S/O before acting upon them. Please note the word before in that sentence. Afterwards, it’s too late. Human passion is controllable. It seems the only fair thing to do. That is not to say such a discussion would be an easy thing, but I believe it would be far easier to be honest and open with someone who you care enough about to have in your life than to go behind their back and cheat on them. Otherwise, you are just despicable, uncaring, dishonest and unfeeling. The list of adjectives to describe your fairy-tale hideous nature is unending. You have no human bone left in your body. As such, I probably won’t even want to sit next to you let alone have a conversation with you. It would be a waste of time on both our parts. So if you’re that type of person who knows me, now you’ll know why I don’t talk to you anymore.

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