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Day 9: My Last Kiss

It was at 5:28 a.m.  I was half-conscious and upside down. He was sopping wet from his shower and, like usual, kind of desperate to kiss me. It’s cute that he does that every day. He seeks out the wet, sloppy post-shower kiss even if I’m talking in my sleep, even if he has to drag me halfway across the bed or has to dig under a mountain of blankets to find me. No matter what, I get that first-thing-in-the-morning (after brushing teeth, of course) kiss. He’s missed me all night while we slept and he means it. It’s the best kiss in the world. It doesn’t usually last very long because he’s busy getting ready for work, but it’s appreciated. Even if I’m not conscious, it’s still appreciated. I don’t care that it’s so early in the morning. A good kiss is beyond time and space.

kiss, sloppy