deceptionYou’re not paranoid if everyone is truly out to get you. Lara comes to Powell, her old friend, and ex-lover, with a big problem. She’s ruthless and will do anything for her work as an agent for MI6 in Saudi. After having rescued several children from life in a lost world, returning them to their mother, she finds herself hunted like an animal by her government and, worse yet, her boss. And why? Because she’s seen too much? Could that be the only reason?

So starts the exciting and thrill-packed plot of Bill Ward’s third in a series, Deception. Having not read the first of the series, I found this fast-paced easy to read novel able to stand on its own, filled with a host of characters I felt as if I knew. The action is set in Brighton, based out of Powell’s bar; however, you travel through England’s hot spots seeking both Middle Eastern bombers, but more deadly, British and American intelligence personnel. Both current and former spies are bombing strategic locales with deadly results, bolstering national sentiment for more anti-terrorist funding.

Admittedly I found the reasoning behind the plot a tad bit far-fetched but that’s what suspension of disbelief is all about. Once you buy the premise, the action and detailed explanations of each motivating plot point are well written and bring the action to life. The characters of Powell and Afina are well conceived and obviously, have a history that both of them try to deny. Through sacrifice on both sides, the planets do align and the world, which has been tilted on its axis, does become righted again. Powell proves himself to be the consummate hero. Deception was a light and airy, enjoyable read which I highly recommend. Bill Ward proves himself an excellent writer who knows how to deliver an exciting thriller.

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