lizcowanThe Dionysus Connection was a fun read from the first sentence to the very end. Liz Cowan has woven a tale of a strong, spirited and, yes, feisty independent woman who really has no business also being stable and grounded. That is, of course, except for the love of her aunt and uncle, who just happens to be the Chief of Police in Dallas. When she meets with an equally strong-spirited detective, the sparks fly. That’s when the good parts just keep coming as one thing leads to another.

The author has written a tale with a thoroughly researched exciting plotline with well-rounded characters that involves a ladies club. How could you go wrong? She gets to know the detective, who is stripping “under cover”. How about that for an oxymoron? Though the heroine gets to know him from the outside in, she still grows into someone to be proud of my favorite kind of romantic HEA ending.

An enjoyable read from start to finish, download this book for a relaxing and entertaining dip into the seedy world of strip clubs and mayhem without ever leaving home. Can’t wait to read Liz Cowan’s next romantic adventure.

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