I can’t say enough nice things about Publishers Daily Reviews.

They are professional and thorough and understanding and, what is best of all for a new author like me, relatively inexpensive compared to other professional editorial services. Every author needs a reputable organization to complete a thorough editorial review, offer credence to the legitimacy of your writing skills and that’s exactly what they provide. They find the best in your work and review it in a way that you couldn’t have thought of if you’d sat down and written it yourself because they see it with a professional eye and a fresh perspective. Best of all, they provide you the review before they post it for the world to see, so that you can prepare yourself for the worst. Now, God willing, you don’t need to prepare for the worst, but if you do have things to work on with your writing, they provide you a clear-cut critique and offer suggestions that help you improve and become the best writer you can.

Working with Publishers Daily Reviews and Don Sloan was one of the best things I’ve done so far as a writer. It has helped me get connected with an awesome editor and my writing has improved considerably and consistently. Take advantage of their expertise and give yourself, as an author, a leg up in the world of Indie publishing.  Check out Publishers Daily Reviews at the earliest opportunity.

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