haunting meganThis romantic suspense takes you on a roller coaster ride that’s unpredictable. You follow Megan, from a young girl living in unimaginable circumstances through an extraordinarily tragic event that leaves her deeply scarred. Unexpected events unfold around her and she finds a relationship she didn’t expect in the midst of the craziness surrounding her. At one point she even winds up accused as a serial killer. All throughout this, her make-shift family stands behind her and eventually she realizes she has the kind of support she’d always lacked in her life. But the twists keep coming and you don’t know when they’ll stop. A frequently visiting ghost lets her know she has to take responsibility or she’ll lose out on the romantic love she desires deep down. It’s in jeopardy, but you don’t know when the next struggle will come or who is behind the evil that keeps touching her life. There are many suspects, but which one is the harbinger of evil?

The author has created a nicely-developed cast of characters and does a great job of keeping you guessing, never really knowing which way the story will turn next. You’ll need to stay on your toes to finish this suspenseful read and pay attention. You never know what’s going to happen next!

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