I have a friend who has the misfortune or good luck (as you choose to look at it) of a birthday smack-dab on Christmas Day. I can’t think of a more inconvenient day in 365 days of the year for a birthday. The most ironic thing about it for my buddy is that he’s Jewish. So much for the onslaught of mega or multiple gifts on the day he celebrates another year of life. As someone with a birthday quite close to a holiday, I adore what he’s done about it. Instead of bemoaning his bad luck, he hosts a bonfire party for whoever has time to stop by on that day. I’ve attended twice, and it is a silly mix of Christians feeling a tad guilty about missing some Christmas party and Jews celebrating the one day of the year they get the world to themselves. I had a blast both times I attended!

Flag_of_USAI mention my friend with a Christmas birthday to highlight today’s topic: Holiday Birthdays. My birthday falls near July Fourth. It was extraordinarily frustrating as a child to have that birthday because school was out, I missed my friends and no matter how I tried to entice them into an exciting birthday pool party, they wouldn’t show up. People always have plans for July 4th, sometimes years in advance. It’s a day of traditions and hot dogs and people just don’t care about a silly kids’ birthday party.

A holiday birthday can take the wind, steal the thunder and just generally spoil a celebration of getting older and is one of the downfalls to having your birthday near or actually on a holiday. I can only imagine how weird a New Years or Valentine’s baby must feel in later life. If someone you know in life has such a birthday, make sure you wish them well and do it separately from the holiday. Make them feel as if it isn’t just an accident that they’re around. And if you’re blessed with such a birthday, do what my friend does. Embrace it! Make the most of it. For myself, I’ve had many, many fireworks evenings that I either said out loud or thought to myself that those colors in the sky were just for me. I’m happy to share my birthday with America. And on a positive note, my hubby never forgets my birthday!


Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday to All Yankee Doodle Dandies!

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