How To Post A Review

Posting a review to Amazon is really simple and easy! A review only needs to be a few lines, and you don’t have to summarize the book, just say what you liked about it. ?


How to Post a Review to Amazon

  1. Go to the product page for the book.
  2. Scroll down until you hit the customer reviews (it’s underneath the book description, product details, and author biography).
  3. Click the “write a review” button.
  4. After your review is written, click “submit.”

How to Find the Permalink for Your Review

  1. Option 1
    1. Amazon should send you an email when your review is up. Open the email.
    2. In the email, there will be a link that says “see your review.” Right click on the link.
    3. Select “copy link address.”
    4. Alternatively, you can click on the link, and when it opens in your internet browser, copy the URL.
    5. Voila! There’s your permalink.
  2. Option 2
    1. If you don’t get the email from Amazon, you can find it in your account. Make sure you login to your Amazon account.
    2. Click on “your account” from the menu bar (it’ll be on the top right of the screen).
    3. Scroll down to personalization and click “your public profile.”
    4. Find the book/product you want and click on the headline.
    5. Your review for that product will open, probably in a new window. Underneath the review there will be a link that says “permalink.” Click on that.
    6. A permalink for your review will open in a box. Copy and paste it. Voila!
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