Are you new to book reviewing? Did you read something that was so incredibly good that you want to share it with the world? This is a post to help you write an Amazon review even if you aren’t very tech-savvy. If you are, then you can skip down to The Non-Technical Stuff.


The Technical Stuff:

First of all, I have NO idea what a Paleo Diet is. This book is used only as an example of how to write a review, from a pure point-and-click viewpoint. (I don’t either recommend or NOT recommend this specific book.)

First, go to and find the book you want to review and go to that book’s page.

Scroll down on the page until you get to the “Customer Reviews” section. It should look similar to the screenshot below (but with fewer reviews). (Wow, 1,959 reviews! Really?)


See that button that says “Write a customer review”? Click on that.

Amazon will give you a screen with blank stars. As soon as you choose how many stars you’re going to give as a review, a box will open up with an option for you to “Write your review here”. Amazon will give you a screen with blank stars.


As soon as you choose how many stars you’re going to give as a review, a box will open up with an option for you to “Write your review here”.


Notice how right now it says the review will be “Posted publicly as Amazon Customer”? You can change that by going off to the right and changing how the world sees you on Amazon. This is only for reviews, so don’t worry about it.  Click on the underlined “Change” button under “Amazon Customer”.


You can change your identity that posts publicly to anything you want for a review. In this case, I’d be posting it as something ridiculous like “Lightbulb.” (You’d want to use a less weird name.) Choose a name and click “Done”.


Now type in your comment and a box will show up below for your headline. I’m being a smart-mouth and naming mine “A blah review for a blah diet” but you can say anything. You can even attach pictures or video. Note the “View tips and guidelines” link. They are pretty helpful, directly from Amazon to you.

The Non-Technical Stuff:

These ideas I’m stealing from my friend and mentor, Nonnie Jules, who is a pro at all things reviews as the HWIC (Head Woman In Charge) of the Rave Reviews Book Club (RRBC).

  1. Don’t write about SPOILERS. You don’t want to spoil a book for the next guy, do you? You can hint, but even that’s kind of mean.
  2. Don’t write about every little step in the plot. Again, let the next guy read it for themselves. You could give a very general idea of the gist of the book but not a “blow-by-blow.”
  3. Either rave on or critique a book. You shouldn’t say something like “All books with vampires are stupid” or “This book was bad because it has a rape scene.” You may personally dislike these things, but the next person may not. Instead, say WHY you did or didn’t like the book. “I found the vampire characterization to be childish and predictable.” OR “The rape scene was illogical and misplaced. It didn’t fit the overall tone of the book and was out of character for the hero.” OR “The characters were so believable I felt as though we were friends.”
  4. If you don’t have anything NICE to say, say nothing at all. If you feel a book only warrants a 1, 2 or 3 star ranking, do so in a manner that does NOT attack the author. Do NOT say, “This was written so badly, it seems like a child wrote it.” That’s a big NO-NO. I would go so far as to say you should NOT say something like, “There were so many typos, I couldn’t finish.” That’s not to say you shouldn’t be honest. Honest reviews are good for everyone, authors and potential readers. Try to find SOMETHING kind and constructive and you may need to be creative. “It is obvious the author put a lot of work into this book.” OR “The author should have put more of an effort into an edit.” OR “The plot wandered in some places so it was difficult to follow, but if this were resolved, it has the makings of a good book.” Keep in mind that reviews are OPINIONS. If you want to have someone value your opinion, make it something that goes down well.
  5. Check the spelling and grammar of your review. Read it back to yourself before you hit the done button.
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