small_hockey_playersWhen I was started writing Isabella: Book #2 in the House of Donato Series, I knew it was going to feature a lot of hockey. Fortunately, good friends of ours have kids who were and are very active in hockey, both boys and girls. We’ve attended a few of their daughter’s games over the past couple of years, so we headed out to a local game to watch her play.

There is a fascination to me to watch high school girls play what I’ve always thought of as a men’s game. Some of those girls, including our friends’ daughter, put as much, if not more, strategy, effort and finesse of the game as many high school boys. They’re magnificent, and their games can be quite exciting.

At one of those games, during a break between periods, they featured a PeeWee game. If you haven’t seen one of these games, with kids, both boys and girls, about five or six years old, you really ought to see one. They are so adorable! Little kids, little skates, little uniforms, little goals … it’s like playing house with hockey players. And they skate extremely slowly! I mean, snail pace skating, but an extraordinary effort to stay upright and get that puck in the non-defended net.

It’s a sight to behold. I knew after watching a hockey mom who is fierce tear up that I had to include a PeeWee game in my book. This mom would defend her kid to the Nth degree if some ref thought her daughter committed a penalty, but watching little kids play hockey brought back memories of the years and years of blood, sweat and patience required to raise a hockey player to adulthood.

I did my best in Isabella to bring the fascination I found in watching one of these games to the book. Only a few more weeks until Isabella is available for pre-order on Amazon. Keep an eye out and then find that PeeWee scene. It’s a good one!

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