dragnetToday’s challenge called for twenty facts about me. Well, twenty is a lot of facts and I think you’ll be bored after ten so let’s just say ten and let it go at that.

1. Vivid Dreams
I have extremely vivid dreams and remember them most of the time. They come in a range of genres, the most frequent of which is comedy. Continuing on in frequency is musicals, thrillers, horror, and paranormal. The romantic dreams are fairly rare actually. Lots and lots of comedies. I crack myself up in my sleep and wake myself up laughing.

2. Wakeful Sleeping
I have the ability to be awake and asleep at the same time and can hold a discussion with someone while in that state. Mr. Jackson can attest and says I did that this morning. The conversation can range from garbled to hilarious and most of the time I do not recall the conversation.

3. Pianist
I was once a virtuoso pianist. I took lessons, which I paid for myself with odd-jobs, starting at the age of nine and by seventeen had auditioned and was accepted by Julliard. I didn’t go, but I did “make it”, which was the point of auditioning in the first place.

4. Accident Prone
I’ve chipped my tooth in the same place three times and broken my arm in the same place twice. I’m just unlucky, I guess. Only one of them wasn’t really my fault, so I have nobody to blame but myself. Note to self: Do not go sailing again. You’ll end up capsized with a broken arm.

5. Moving SME
I’m a subject-matter-expert on moving. My family moved nine times before I turned five. I’ve moved several times, personally. I’ve got it down pat and could probably write a pamphlet on best practices, tips, and tricks. Nobody would want to read it because almost everyone tries to avoid moving. After you do it a couple of times, you know why.

6. Bad Cheerleader
I was a cheerleader in high school for the least successful basketball team in the history of the school. They only won one game that season and I was sick and missed it. It was a challenge, to say the least, to remain “cheery”.

7. Working Girl
I’ve been gainfully employed since I was ten-years-old, with only brief periods between jobs. Wow, that’s really sad to admit. I guess I work too much.

8. Overly-Friendly
I like to chat with strangers. I was the child who went through the store greeting people with a smile and a hug. I’m that lady in line with you who is overly friendly and starts a conversation. Be nice to me. I mean well. I won’t hurt you, I promise.

9. Arthritis Survivor
I have osteoarthritis. I have almost no cartilage in my knees or shoulders. I walk with two canes currently, but I wasn’t always handicapped. It’s very frustrating most of the time, but I have learned to adjust a lot of things in life. Nature adapts.

10. Child Tycoon
I had two businesses as a child: I sold eggs and I ran my own cleaning service. I raised my own chickens and sold brown eggs for fifty cents per dozen with a big sign at the end of my lane. I cleaned houses, washed windows, mucked out stalls, anything to pay for piano lessons and learned a lot about business all before I turned sixteen.

Well, that’s ten facts. The rest I will leave to your imagination or, well, there’s twenty-eight more days to go in this challenge. You’ll find out later, I’m sure.

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