if onlyThis book of poetry is a real treat for romantics. It is what the title suggests: lyrical. These poems of unbidden and forbidden love are begging to be put to music and, in a quieter and more peaceful place and time, I just might try my hand at doing just that. They are exactly what two lovers express in that gentlest of passion, unique to themselves yet longingly similar in content and texture. You can imagine the two lovers feeling the emotions in the verse, sitting to write wistfully as they yearn for one another, testing out all the feelings that are burning from within.

Let me say, I am not a poetry fan, but I ran through these poems at a frantic pace, desperate to hear the next melody of words. I had spent my evening watching a tribute to the incomparable Ray Charles at the White House, with songs of love and longing, hot beats and erotic twists that had The First Lady fanning herself from time to time. As I sat down to read these verses, those tunes and melodies were still lofting through my mind, and I could feel the gentle sway of the music of these words. They do need to have the accompanying tunes, melodies and harmonies attached, with that same lovely blend of jazz, country, rock and soul. That’s what these poems hold in store for the readers: soul. As someone said at the concert, soul is what music should be when you just leave people alone. This poetry has that same kind of soul.

A performance well done by the authors. Your blending of poems sounded a lot like a perfect duet to me!

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