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Reviews July 2022


Always meant to be

Nestled among the sleepy town of Haven, among friends and couples we’ve gotten to know through this series, is a lovely little tale. It’s a heart-warming story that nearly didn’t happen between two friends who always wanted to be more than friends but let an inner lie they’ve always told themselves keep them in the friend zone permanently. When circumstances and some sneaky buddies forced them together those misgivings slowly but surely fall away.

This story doesn’t disappoint those looking for clean but steamy romance and the nuance of relationships that were always meant to be.


Can’t wait for the next book

As usual, Mary Frame hits a knock-out with her unique mix of funny, sweet, sexy, quirky, and sometimes weird characters and plot. This time Piper and Archer are the lead couple coming together in the most unexpected of meet-cutes in a messy, crazy entanglement that is so much like the real world it can only have been inspired by someone’s actual craziness. As the characters say, we all have baggage. Some people just carry theirs better than others. This book frames the luggage perfectly and stacks it neatly in the corner. It’s refreshing to read a romance with such realistic characters. Can’t wait for the next book.

beth gildersleeve, between a fox and a hard place, love at last, mary frame

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