Six Ways to beat the Dog Days of SummerThis time of year can be difficult for adults and children alike. The weather has gotten unbearably hot in some places. It’s the mid-point of the summer vacation for school-age children, who by now have done all the things they were longing to do and are left bored with few ideas of what to do with their time. The following are Six Ways to beat the Dog Days of Summer. They’re really just the jump-starter ideas to get you thinking of things to do either to beat the heat or enjoy it to the utmost.

  • Go to the lake or pool and jump in.

    Why fight it? The water is calling to you. Take along a floaty and just relax and try to beat the heat.

  • Go to the library.

    Suck in the air conditioning with a good book, which is never a waste of time.

  • Go bowling.

    Bowling alleys are generally quiet in the summer and they’re almost always air conditioned.

  • Go to a museum.

    Whether an art or history museum, try to fill your head with some knowledge that would serve you well on Jeopardy.

  • Go to a Farmer’s Market.

    Eat your fill and watch the people shopping with you. You might even find a cold drink.

  • Go to a baseball game.

    Embrace the heat! Buy yourself some peanuts and cracker jacks and don’t care if you ever come back.

These are just some ideas of things you can do during the dog days of summer. What do you do to beat the heat?

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